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Joyce Pope is loyal to no product or service, but - the process to hydration gave her the exact results she was looking for.

Healthcare Professional Gains 100% HYDRATION – and Reliability in BEAUTY REGIME

Joyce Pope

“Being fully hydrated is more than feeling successful, it’s an easy-going lifestyle change that enhances my everyday beauty regime and since it is working for me, I will stick with it!”

Case Study

Joyce Pope


18 Months

Length of time to Hydration:

  • 4 hour time savings in hair routine

  • 75-85% reduction in hair care costs

  • 100% satisfaction

  • Everyday Compliments


Joyce Pope is the professional that blazes her own trail. With an impressive career of over fifty years as a Registered Nurse, Joyce charted her career-path and positioned herself exactly as she had envisioned; to acquire specialty skills in key sectors of the medical industry. As it turns out, Joyce’s specialties are today’s most needed skills: General medicine, Mental health, Public Health, Environmental Health, and Home health. She’s currently happily retired and volunteers at a Federally funded Public Health facility in Maryville, California. A visionary who believes in process through flexibility.


Joyce’s view on new ventures is that you have to stay current with fresh ideas.

 “I stay open-minded and focused on my goals,” Joyce says,  “Loyalty to any one thing could limit growth and new discoveries, you have to give yourself some ‘wiggle-room’ to get to your intended goals.” She says that when it’s time to stop and move on, just do it.


The Switch

In 2013 Joyce felt the need for a change in style. She wanted to give herself and her hair, a break from years of processing, braiding, wigs and extensions to fully embrace her natural hair.

“I got tired of deciding which kind of application to use in my hair at any given point or any given day,” she said, “I wanted simplicity as well as an attractive natural look.”

 Joyce said she started searching the market for products that were specifically designed for natural hair.


The Journey

“I started reading and researching and paying attention to product labels,” Joyce stated. “I wanted all the information I could find on how to take care of natural hair.” 

It didn’t take long before she came across products that boasted information on a fairly new concept - Water Hydration. She read that these products are water-based instead of oil-based and that it’s a better way to keeping your hair moisturized which is key to healthy natural hair.

“It made sense to me,” said Joyce. She tried to remember what her hair looked like before all the products and processing. “It was mostly dry and frizzy and we used a lot of oil, is what I remember,” Joyce says, “We never gave our hair a chance to be naturally hydrated, we stayed glued to what we were used to, oils.”

Joyce was convinced that not only would hydration work for her hair, the process seemed simple and easy. It would take commitment, she knew, as she mapped out her action-plan to having fully hydrated hair.

The solution (water-based – curl former)

 She started  trying water-based products. She tried those that supported ‘cold-wash,’ the process of using only conditioner to shampoo the hair, to keep moisture in.

 “I found that this step toward my hydration goal was not lasting because, my hair would still fizzy and my  curls lifeless,” Joyce said.

She continued trying other recommended products, but the results were the same, mediocre curls that lasted only a few days and hair that had to be re-done every few days to have that ‘fresh look.’

“The timing couldn’t have been better,” Joyce said, when a friend told her about a water-based product, ‘The Curl Former.’

A wealth of knowledge was revealed to Joyce about curly hair‘s response to water and why her hair was still frizzing. Not only was she getting the information that she needed, she was introduced to a community that was like-minded and on the same Hydration-journey. Joyce said that what convinced her the most to try the Curl Former was the results she saw in  her friends hair.

 “I got excited and did what I do best, be open-minded and made the switch,” Joyce said.


The first time that Joyce applied the Curl Former, she said it was simple-and-clean-feeling. She found that it offered the right amount of protection for each stand of hair as it continuously attracts moisture to the hair.

“It gives you that finished-look everyday” say Joyce. She said there was no need for additional products like styling or holding sprays, oils or creams.

 These are the items Joyce said she used in her new Hydration routine ; water-based shampoo and conditioner, a spray bottle with water, a small shampoo-comb, which is optional, and the Curl Former.

“Joyce said, “I would wash my hair, condition it, and while my hair is still dripping with water I apply the Curl Former which becomes foam-like as I either finger comb it through or use the fine tooth shampoo comb. I then let my hair either air-dry if I have no time or go under the dryer for fifteen to twenty minutes. Daily, I spritz water in my hair to continue hydrating it. In the winter time I don’t spritz so much as there is already a lot of moisture in the air. That’s it, simple!”

“What I learned is that our hair needs WATER for moisture, not oils. And, because oil and water do not mix, when you use oils in your hair it acts a barrier for water to fully penetrate the hair strand,” Joyce says. “Further, this is why our hair will still frizz and remain dry.”

Joyce further explains, “Because our hair has lost the memory of water absorption due to all the coatings of oils, we have to consistently re-introduce each strand to water for it to start remembering to absorb it, that’s why it’s important to hydrate daily.”

The Outcome

With all the success that Joyce was getting, she was really pleased that she was able to reduced the amount of time spent on her hair routine. Joyce estimates that she has saved approximately four hours per week with her new hair routine.

“There are so many benefits to the curl former as an aid to my hydration process, but the most stunning for me is the loyalty that it has to your own experience.  It encourages each hair strand to be moisturized, shine and have more bounce. Each strand coils naturally to its own pattern”, she says. “I have happier and brighter curls and I get plenty of compliments about them, on a daily basis,” she adds.

Further, Joyce states, “Because the curls are so well defined and individually moisturized, they last for a long time and even after 15 days, the presentation is still the same.”

Another benefit, Joyce adds, is how much less expensive her new hair routine is!

“I really cannot say how much I used to send per week or month to get my hair done. I just paid whatever it cost! But with my Hydration process,  I can easily say is it’s between 70 - 80% savings!” Joyce exclaims.

 It took Joyce eighteen months for her hair to be fully hydrated.  She explains that when your hair is absorbing water and is fully hydrated, the hair strand becomes elongated, relaxed and smooth. You can tell because there is no more frizz. Joyce said, “I knew it the moment it happened for me!”

“Being fully hydrated is more than feeling successful,” Joyce says, “it’s a natural, and easy-going  lifestyle change that enhances my everyday beauty regime and since it is working for me, I will stick with it!”

Corey Haris


18-24 Months

Length of time to Hydration:

  • Began seeing hair growth following no growth 

  • No oil on face, which caused skin condition

  • 7 hour time savings in hair routine in 2 weeks

  • 85-90% reduction in hair care costs

  • 100% satisfaction

  • Everyday Compliments


College Student amazed at Hair growth and shine! “I would do this again!

Corey Haris, a 20 old college student at Sacramento State University in Sacramento, California, do not have a lot of time on her hands. One thing I remember her saying, “My hair just won’t grow, so I keep it short”. She said she liked short and free hair, but she noted her hair was dry, with breakage and difficult to manage. I know oils causes skin conditions but many products on the market have oil in them.


Prior to trying XPO-H2O, Cory did some research. She looked for products for natural hair specifically and poor growth. I have had my hair pressed and used relaxers. When your hair is thick like mine relaxers always come up. I like the look, but it always includes oils. I was amazed by it. I was not aware that my hair could have a curly (definition) with shininess, stylish and lots of compliments.


The Switch

 October 2021, Miss Linda Hamilton of XPO-H2O, was visiting the Yuba Sutter area and I sat in on a presentation that she did. It blew my mind.

Trying a new product had to do with understanding that product. Once I understood. It did not take me long.   I used to do my hair every other day. Now I wash my hair every other week. It takes 1 hour to do my hair and it lasts a lot longer.  “Once I even went 19 days between washings and my hair still looked good.”

The Journey

“I became open to a new concept, hydration. Now I understand hydrating my hair is a process, just like one glass of water is not enough for the body to be hydrated. I never thought my hair would ever get to the soft stage.”  She continued to hydrate her hair every day. “Every day I hydrated my hair by misting it with water and now it is soft, silky, shinney, curly and manageable into so many different styles. I thought my hair would not grow and look at my hair loving the water, now!”

The solution (water-based – curl former)

XPO-H2O is so much better for my hair. I was amazed by it. I was not aware that my hair could be curly (definition). I never thought my hair would ever get to the soft stage. It was hard and flaky. but I continued to hydrate every day. Every day I misted my hair with water.

Pressing or relaxing, especially since my hair is so thick, I like the look but there is always oil. Especially when the oil drips down my face and causes skin condition. 2018-2021 I wore my hair shorter is convenient but now I let my hair grow.



I washed my hair while in the shower, conditioned it and applied the product. Then I let my hair air dry.

 “XPO H2O was a bit more expensive, but because I no longer wash my hair every other day and my style lasts well past 15 days. The cost savings outcome of 80%.”. I was amazed by it. I was not aware that my hair could be curly (definition) shinney, stylish with compliments. I never thought my hair would ever get to the soft stage. Every day I misted my hair with water and now it is soft, silky, shinney, curly and manageable into so many different styles.

The Outcome

 I thought my hair would not grow and look at my hair loving the water, now! I have been a college student for the last two years and my life is very busy.  I really appreciate the hair I have today, and I know how to take care of it. I would make the same decisions again.  I would do this again.

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