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Joyce Pope is loyal to no product or service, but - the process to hydration gave her the exact results she was looking for.

Healthcare Professional Gains 100% HYDRATION – and Reliability in BEAUTY REGIME

Joyce Pope

“Being fully hydrated is more than feeling successful, it’s an easy-going lifestyle change that enhances my everyday beauty regime and since it is working for me, I will stick with it!”

Case Study

Joyce Pope


18 Months

Length of time to Hydration:

  • 4 hour time savings in hair routine

  • 75-85% reduction in hair care costs

  • 100% satisfaction

  • Everyday Compliments


Joyce Pope is the professional that blazes her own trail. With an impressive career of over fifty years as a Registered Nurse, Joyce charted her career-path and positioned herself exactly as she had envisioned; to acquire specialty skills in key sectors of the medical industry. As it turns out, Joyce’s specialties are today’s most needed skills: General medicine, Mental health, Public Health, Environmental Health, and Home health. She’s currently happily retired and volunteers at a Federally funded Public Health facility in Maryville, California. A visionary who believes in process through flexibility.


Joyce’s view on new ventures is that you have to stay current with fresh ideas.

 “I stay open-minded and focused on my goals,” Joyce says,  “Loyalty to any one thing could limit growth and new discoveries, you have to give yourself some ‘wiggle-room’ to get to your intended goals.” She says that when it’s time to stop and move on, just do it.


The Switch

In 2013 Joyce felt the need for a change in style. She wanted to give herself and her hair, a break from years of processing, braiding, wigs and extensions to fully embrace her natural hair.

“I got tired of deciding which kind of application to use in my hair at any given point or any given day,” she said, “I wanted simplicity as well as an attractive natural look.”

 Joyce said she started searching the market for products that were specifically designed for natural hair.