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Take a Look at some proven techniques for the best results using our 

Water-Based Xponential Hydration Products

How to Use XPO H2O

Step 1

If you have been using oils in your hair, prepare for the use of our  oil-free products by washing with a shampoo that strips/clarifies oils from the hair. This is crucial to enabling our products to be able to penetrate the hair shafts and let water in for maximum hydration.

Step 2

Once the hair is stripped of it's oils, reintroduce moisture by using The GRATIFIER Shampoo while ensuring to use your fingetips for scalp exfoliation. Our shampoo is specially formulated to give you an invigorating fresh feel and growth stimulation.

Step 3

Next, generously apply The TRUTH Conditioner for a nourishing slip, detangle, and maximum hydration! Comb or brush through the hair to ensure even distribution from root to tip

Step 4

Allow for deep penetration of The TRUTH Conditioner by steaming the hair for at least 15 minutes. 


Bonus Tip: For maximum hydration, incorporate fresh aloe vera gel in your hair with The Truth Conditioner before steaming. 

Step 5

A critical component to locking in the moisture you just introduced to the hair is to rinse with cold water. It will be uncomfortable after the steam, but you must use the cold water to close the hair follicles as your hair captures the water, which creates true hydration.

Step 6

Part the hair into thin rows that allow you to rake or smooth our Curl Enhancing product of choice through the hair from root to tip, ensuring to coat each strand.  Rake until the hair naturally clumps together then, do not touch that section again! Give your head a shake to allow separation, then diffuse or hood dry to set the curls in place. 

NOTE: The hair must fully dry to set! 

The Curl'Foamer 1

Apply The Curl'Foamer 1 on dry or slightly damp hair as this product is a very light foam that will moisten and form your curls as you rake it through the hair sections. 

The Curl'Creamer 2

Apply The Curl'Creamer 2 on hair that has been lightly towel or air dried so it is not dripping wet and still slightly damp.

This is a diluted version of the Curl'Former 3 for ease of use. 

The Curl'Former 3

Apply The Curl'Former 3 to wet hair. This product starts off as a thick gel which should be rubbed between your dry palms to transform it into a foam for easier application. 

Applying our Curl Enhancers

How to Use - Demo Image 3

Water is the key element that hydrates any cells, including our hair. Oil on the hair shafts actually repels water from being able to get in, which causes a beading affect when running water through the hair. Truly hydrated hair will absorb the water and create natural waves like the ocean! 

Why Oil-Free Matters

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